Business Travel Inspires Growth for Revo Management Group

Team Revo Management Group recently enjoyed a travel opportunity to Philadelphia for a leadership conference. The firm's President discussed the many benefits of this event.

“Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can enjoy,” stated Jacey, Revo Management Group’s President. “It helps build resiliency, broadens horizons, and changes the way we see other people. On top of that, we add a structured travel program that includes cross-training in other offices, weekend conferences, and even relaxing retreats in tropical locales. It’s great to see how much our team members change and grow because of these trips throughout the year.”

The team’s most recent jaunt was just a short one, a mere 100 miles east to Philadelphia. There, Revo Management Group joined customer acquisition experts from across North America at a leadership conference. 

“Philly is very easy for us to get to, so we took about 15 associates with us,” Jacey explained. “Such a large group of people created a really unique networking opportunity. Not only did we meet many top producers from all across the country, but we really bonded as a team as well.” 

Revo Management Group’s President Highlighted the Benefits of the Philadelphia Trip

Jacey continued, saying, “It’s important to remember that in-office networking can be just as beneficial as cold contacting. Some of our most impactful contacts are the colleagues we see every day – it’s just that sometimes we need to get out of the office to realize that. It can be hard to find time to get to know the people we work with as part of our daily routines – we’re pretty busy, after all – but once we step outside our Revo Management Group roles we’re able to connect on a personal level.”

Along with leadership, the conference focused on the administrative duties involved in running a business. Jacey shared that recruiting, development programs, and managerial skills were all seminar topics as well. There was even instruction on how to build stronger and more effective teams, a very important topic for Revo Management Group as demand steadily increases for their personalized outreach services.

“One of the biggest takeaways from the conference was learning how to stay on top of being a leader as a person – not just an authority figure,” Jacey said. “This is an important topic in the modern business world, because more relatable managers and supervisors are proving that they are the most effective leaders. I’m looking forward to applying all that we learned in Philadelphia and seeing the impact over the next few months.”

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Source: Team Revo Management Group