Revo Management Group Expands Influence Into New State

Revo Management Group is expanding its operations into Delaware. Jacey, the firm's President, discussed specific growth plans for the coming year and the opportunities this provides for current and future team members.

According to Jacey, Delaware is a wide-open market and one that she and the rest of her team are excited to start working in. They’re hoping to take the entire state from top to bottom, in fact. Revo Management Group has grown tremendously in their current market, and everyone in the organization is looking forward to this new opportunity. Jacey noted that the goal for the new year is to open two more offices to support the Harrisburg location, along with three more offices out of the Delaware location.

How Expansion Impacts Personal and Professional Growth

For those who are already part of the Revo Management Group team, expansion into a new market creates more chances for advancement. There will be plenty of opportunities to step up and take on more responsibility in both the new office and the home base, Jacey explained.

The duties for leaders in the Delaware office will include meeting the needs of specific markets in this untapped region while also interviewing, on-boarding, and coaching new team members. Back at the Harrisburg HQ, executives will be working to take over responsibilities for the men and women who are now operating out of Delaware, and raising up the next batch of customer acquisition professionals to help Revo Management Group retain dominance in PA.

New team members will now have even more chances to start an exciting career in customer acquisitions, Jacey confirmed. Her team is currently interviewing in both regions, with the purpose of supporting the firm’s ambitious expansion goals. They’re looking for business-oriented professionals that appreciate a fast-paced, team-oriented office environment. In return, new executives will find continual development, merit-based promotions, and nearly unlimited income potential.

One benefit of the ongoing expansion that both veteran and novice associates will enjoy is the chance to cross-train. Now that Revo Management Group will be operating in two states, executives will be able to spend time in each market, learning the best practices that appeal to specific demographics in those areas. Associates will become more educated and relatable as a result.

The new year promises to be exciting for Jacey and the Revo Management Group team. Operating in two different states is sure to be a satisfying challenge.

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