Revo Management Group Trains Through Travel Opportunities

Revo Management Group's administrative assistant recently attended a conference with other high-performing administrators. The firm's President discussed the trip, and some of the major takeaways.

“We have an incredible training and development system, but that doesn’t mean that we do all our learning in-house,” stated Jacey, Revo Management Group’s President. “In fact, our travel program is one of the ways we provide advanced-level teaching. We get around experts in our field, and gain from their wisdom and specialized knowledge. We bring what we’ve learned back to the office, and share it with the rest of the team.”

Recently Kaitlyn, an administrative assistant with Revo Management Group, had the chance to spend time in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with the best administrative teams in our field. While there, she did more than develop new skills while honing her current ones: she also added several names to her contact list, which is sure to provide long-term career benefits.

“Our culture of learning is the foundation of our success as an organization,” Jacey explained. “We start by hiring those who share our company values and will thrive in our office atmosphere, and then develop them into savvy professionals. Kaitlyn has made the most of her opportunity with the firm, which made the Cherry Hill trip a smart investment. I know she’s going to make the most of the training she received, and use it to make Revo Management Group even more successful.”

Revo Management Group Adopts Strategies for Attracting Top Talent

Revo Management Group is growing quickly, according to Jacey, and the firm is often interviewing several potential candidates at a time. This constant need to find qualified candidates presents a unique administrative challenge, but fortunately Kaitlyn was able to bring back some strategies from her Cherry Hill trip that the firm has immediately implemented.

“One of the best tips for procuring top talent that Kaitlyn came home with was to treat recruiting like marketing. In other words, we attract potential team members to our firm the same way we market our services,” explained Jacey. “We promote our unique attributes, such as our comprehensive training system and culture of learning, while also creating a personal connection with our brand through our social media feeds. Next, we build a funnel of candidates in the same way a sales department would build a funnel of prospective clients. This way, we can identify good fits for our company using data-based approaches before we spend time on any interviews.” 

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